Part 2. Project 3. Review

Points to remember:-

  • Composition – always do thumbnails and think about placement, angle etc before beginning work
  • focus on keeping images tighter when using looser forms of expression such as the markers. It is too easy for me to work quickly and loose the areas of detail that would bring out and complete the image.

Before you move on, review your work for this project and make some notes in your learning log.

  • which drawing media did you find most effective to use for which effects?


  • graphite pencils and fine liner pens – fine detail and for cross hatching.
  • inks with dip pen or brush – texture, cross hatching, shadows
  • pastels – blended colours, picking out highlights or strong colours, gestural representation, painterly effects
  • coloured pens – bringing definition but with added fluidity when using water, gestural colour representation, texture or definition
  • watercolour pencils – combines accuracy of pencil use with fluidity and blending.


  • What sort of marks work well to create tone, pattern and texture?  Make notes in your sketchbook beside some example marks.  This will prove useful as you continue your journey as an artist.

maks that create tone, pattern, texture










  • Look at the composition of the drawings you have done in the project.  Make some sketches and notes about how you might create more interesting compositions.



IMG_4664The main issue that came up was my composition.  None of the images were placed with any thought, particularly in exercise 3. I can see that I could have really created some interesting images by distorting the scale or position of the stone so I have worked through that exercise in my sketchbook (as shown), trying to create more interesting or dynamic possibilities for the composition.


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