Part 2. Project 4. Exercise 1 & 2 Review

What aspects of each drawing were successful and what did you have problems with?

I found it incredibly difficult to get to grips with separating line and tone.  It was a whole method of approach that was new to me and I think most of my work reflects this.  Eventually I started to understand using only line – my final image has some spontaneity and life to it, however, my tonal work really lacks any fluidity or skill.  I found I was at a loss as to how to represent tone accurately – it is almost as though I still haven’t really understood what I need to do as all of my work seems to have been unsuccessful.

Did you manage to get a sense of depth in your drawings? What elements of the drawings and still life groupings helped to create that sense?

There isn’t a great sense of depth in my work, however, any depth there is was mainly created by the use of shadow. Towards the end of the drawings I also realised that my line/tone direction could be used to define that. I wondered what it would be like to produce an image where all the lines are going in one direction. I also felt that I had managed to create an element of depth in the final line drawing by grouping the objects closely together – the layering and interplay between the objects seemed to work well, especially when I then placed a single object in the foreground to put the larger group in context.

What difficulties were create by being restricted to line or tone?

I lost my ability to flow with the image and find my own creativity within it.  My line drawings were largely flat and lifeless and the tonal drawings seemed messy, haphazard and novice.  I also struggled with my ability to engage with the objects as I couldn’t find my way with the materials which meant I really felt restricted and lost my spontaneity along the way.  Essentially I felt as though I really didn’t know or understand what I was doing for this exercise.

How did using colour affect your working method?

Using colour seemed to freeze me up, and I also felt that way because I was only restricted to certain mediums to explore the tonal values.  I didn’t know how to apply what I know about tones and colours to colour pencils/pastels. Again, I feel this is reflected in the images lack of spontenaity and creativity. Each drawing became a slog and has no freedom or movement in it.


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