Part 2. Project 5. Exercise 2.

Detailed study of bones/shells.

Points to remember:-

  • Dedicated looking and replication with drawing takes time.
  • try and remain fluid when working in a tight way
  • remember tonal values and to include extremes of the scale for atmosphere

I picked a beautiful oyster shell that my daughter had collected on a boat trip in Norfolk.  It had such amazing textures to it so decided to use it as a single object.

I worked through a number of composition ideas and started the piece almost A1 size as I wanted to really distort the scale.  Having spent an hour or so working on the image I realised I was missing the opportunity with the exercise to really try and draw as realistic representation as possible.  The size I chose was far too big for me to be meticulous as time is an issue at the moment.



I, therefore moved onto A4 and this study still took 4 hours.  Having looked at the work of Vija Celmins, I was interested to attempt to create am image with really accurate detail.  There are areas that I can see need work – there isn’t enough tonal value in the picture.  It’s all a bit mid-range.  I also could have sized-up the scale of the image as I had started to do with the initial drawing.  I think this would have added to the interest. However, I am pleased with the detail overall – I have proved to myself that it is possible to produce intricate work if enough time is available.  I did find, however, that I lost spontaneity doing such a tight drawing – something I have to keep working on.



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