Part 2. Project 6. Exercise 3.

Having decided that my final view in Exercise 2 was the image that I wanted to take forwards for this exercise, I really tried to pay detailed attention to laying down the shapes, forms, angles of everything as correctly as possible without loading the paper with too many marks and heavy areas of charcoal.  It took over 3 1/2 hours simply to draw this as an outline and then a further 3 to add the tone.  I used it as an exercise in precision as this is entirely against my nature, particularly when using charcoal.  I wanted to try and tighten up my attention to detail and prove to myself that I could put down a reasonable representation of the image before me.












I also tried to reduce the negative spaces that were in the previous exercise by showing less of the floor (which I didn’t really feel worked in any of the studies in exercise 2), and to also remove the side of the wood burner as again, this was simply a blank rather pointless space on the right edge of the image.












On the whole I am pleased with the image.  I think I could probably made more of the darker tonal areas, however, I was really trying not to overwork the image, hence the reason I stopped at this point.


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