Part 3. Project 3. Exercise 1.


I chose this sketch as the one to try and take further.  I like the connection of the village with the mountain – it’s a horizon line that defines the location of the village – they are connected over time and over seasons, experiencing intense heat in the summer and fierce storms in the winter.  The village I feel is almost part of the mountainous landscape, it kind of emerges up from the ground at the foot of a number of mountains. They have co-existed alongside each other for centuries.  I wanted the piece I create to reflect the connection.







Sizing-wise the wider format didn’t work.  I wanted to keep it narrow, a snap-shot or glimpse of the two together. The second image below captures what I like about  an etching and I would have gone on to produce one had I the time.  However, it is something I am new at and really wanted to push myself more with my drawing at this point rather than immediately trying a lengthy print process.

IMG_6630 IMG_6631 IMG_6636










The mono prints below were starting to experiment with the feel of the buildings rather than being drawn in an accurate fashion.  None of the colours work – I am struggling to know what colour palette to use.  I am always drawn to monotone, and black/grey at that, so i am struggling to know how to place colour, where to place it, and how to keep enough light in the piece to bring it to life. Having produced these three I then decided to leave printing altogether as it feels as though it is keeping me too literal with my interpretation of the village.


IMG_6616 IMG_6615 IMG_6613










Having done the next two drawings I felt that this exercise really wasn’t going well. I have been influenced lately by seeing the charcoal work of Willem de Kooning and William Kentridge.  I wanted to experiment with charcoal to see if I could capture some fluidity and energy in the images.  The first image I covered the paper with charcoal and kept rubbing away and the second image I kept adding layers and rubbing away, then added more layers and rubbing away etc.  I had trouble with the textures becoming too dominant in the second image and I also felt that the buildings look really amateur.  What I was pleased with was the composition of the final drawing – it is more compact and far more inviting for the eye to consider.

At this point I feel I am completely stuck and have decided to continue with the other coursework – I want to revisit this exercise with some mixed media to see if I can totally rework my direction, however, I feel I need some space to ponder before I do that.

IMG_6653 IMG_6661


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