Part 3. Project 5. Exercise 3.

I found this exercise as tricky as Part 2, Project, 4, Exercise 2 – still life in tone using colour, I find it incredibly difficult to work in tone, particularly when using colour.  I definitely reached the stage where it didn’t seem to be working for me’ and I opted to do as suggested and keep drawing.  Have I created a sense of depth? Only partially.  I’d say that my tones are too heavy in the background – there isn’t enough of a difference between my foreground and any other area in the piece.  I also feel I haven’t approached the sky well – I had a basic layer covering it and then forgot to work further on it before adding the power lines.  I was attempting to draw with more fluidity once I had the basic shapes down on the paper, and I also wanted to include the sense of history in the piece with layers of marks. However I have overdone this and when I look at the development of the piece I realise it is the first stage that to me has the most character and potential rather than the end result. Now my aim is the realise what I want to edit from the piece before rather than after I have finished!

IMG_6960 IMG_6961 IMG_6964 IMG_6966
















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