Tate Modern – Alexander Calder & Performing for the Camera 27/2/16

Alexander Calder

A timely reminder to be selective – negative spaces forming as much a part of the work as the positive ones

Drawings such as ‘Many’ 1931 (ink on paper) reminding me to keep reducing down, feeling the energy of the few shapes on the paper


Sculptures that connect with the infinite/galaxy/constellations – again, such energy in and around the pieces






Lovely shadows created by the linear wire constructions – ‘Amédée Ozenfant’ (1950) – reminder again of the choice of materials – that shadow can be used as a line too











Performing for the Camera

Not expecting to get a lot from this exhibition I was massively surprised and inspired.  I was reminded of my connection with the Pierrot character seeing the photographs of Félix Nadar from the 1850’s. I want to incorporate the concept of pierrot as the fool into some work – something to investigate further.  Also seeing the work of Linder – particularly She/She from 1981. The images with the model holding up sections of photos of another face against her own -feels really poignant – thinking of Dumas and her ‘Rejects’ piece. Also the idea of a mask – that a photo from a magazine hides what is real.  Also inspired me to think further about potentially creating a piece about the seen/unseen.  The photos with the model wrapped with clear plastic also felt important – reminded me of the work of Pippa Young where some of her models are wrapped in clear plastic – showing the reflective and transparent nature of the material – and therefore, choosing to use different materials to represent this.




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