angela johnson – oca drawing 1

I have waited a long time to begin an art degree – it must be at least 22 years now.  As a girl I loved figure drawing and had hopes of studying a BA in Fine Art.  Somehow the question of ‘but will it get you a job?’ came up so I chose to study fashion…which all would have  worked well if only I hadn’t chosen the wrong course.  I left after a year and have been trying to find myself ever since.  I have studied English and psychology, packed grapes in a factory for M&S and retrained to be a homeopath.  I started a family 9 years ago and have dedicated a lot of my creative self to bringing up my 2 children, and to starting my homeopathic practice.

snowy meNow, however, it is time to return to the burning need in me to pursue an artistic life.  It is time to put aside my regrets and my mis-steps along the way and fully embrace the potential that this course offers.  I want to transform myself and connect with something deep inside me that I’ve lost track of over the years…this is my chance for a new beginning.





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